Blockchain consulting

What is blockchain? How does it work? More importantly, can I use it? Is it appropriate for my business?

We can help you understand and answer these questions. If you have an hour to spare, you might want to watch our Unhyping Blockchain talk. It covers the basics in some detail, hopefully in easy to understand language.

Simple language

You seek understanding not confusion. The commitment to use simple language is core to ChainForge. We want you to understand enough to make informed decisions. If you feel baffled by the complexity, we have failed.


There are many competing blockchain technologies. They claim varying benefits compared to each other. You want unbiased advice. You want someone to help you make informed decisions about the pros and cons of each. We can do that. We’re not married to any specific technology. We understand the fundamentals.


We’ve been in the space since 2012. Well before bitcoin was mainstream. Long before blockchain was the hyped term. When the bitcoin price was below $20. We’ve seen multiple rounds of hype and crash.

Fundamentally, we believe that blockchain is a technological evolution. We are a technology consultancy. Yes we can help with an ICO. Yes we have marketing people in our team. At our core, we believe in the technology. Our tech knowledge and understanding runs deep.


Lets be honest. ICOs are hot shit. There’s a lot of hype going on.

There are some really exciting projects. There’s also a lot of noise, and a ton of bullshit.

Does an ICO make sense for your project? A tough question. Maybe. Is your project fundamentally tech based? Is it decentralised and open source? Even if not, an ICO might still make sense? Why? Simple, because of the hype. We’re certainly not religious about this. In many cases it can make sense to ride the hype. Entrepreneurs must take advantage of opportunity. The current wave of ICO excitement is definitely an opportunity in many cases.


Many of the projects we see are complete bullshit. People with very little tech understanding talking about ambitious tech projects. Often those projects have little basis in reality. Blockchain is in its infancy. It’s still a highly technical space. Do you have a hugely ambitious project and don’t have a tech team? How can you be sure your project is actually possible? Are you repeating buzz words that you’ve read online? If so, we probably can’t help you.

Are you truly seeking to learn? Are you truly open to constructive feedback? Are you looking for help to make your concept into something real, possible, based in reality? Then we might be able to help you. We’ll certainly be open to a first conversation.


We’re based in Berlin. Berlin is the crypto capital of Europe. It’s where Ethereum’s development offices are. The crypto scene is vibrant here. Team

We have a strong local network. ChainForge is not a traditional agency. ChainForge is a gateway to the community. Our connection to the community in Berlin runs deep. Callum was a cofounder of the Bitcoin Center Berlin as far back as 2014.


First, a warning. We’ve been in this space for a long time. We invested in crypto early. We’ve done some trading. We continue to work for passion, not for money. We’re not a traditional agency. Expect strong, critical feedback. Expect tough questions. We accept less than 10% of potential projects. Be sure to read the bullshit section before reaching out!

You’ve read to this point? You still want to reach out? Great. Then let’s start with an email. It’s hi at chainforge dot co. Or we’re also on messenger.